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Having blank SOLIDWORKS PDM data card variable values can cause trouble for some PDM vaults. For instance, if your process requires exporting PDM metadata to an ERP system. This tutorial provides the steps to identify, remediate, and safeguard your vault from blank data card variables. 



Barcodes are used in SOLIDWORKS PDM data cards as a way to scan and input vaulted file data like Part Numbers without being exposed to errors common with manual entry. Simply point, scan, and easily reference accurate information in another ERP system. Many possibilities with this include inventory management, batch tracking, accounting, cooperation across teams, quality assurance, etc. 


The Tasks feature, available in SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, allows users to automate frequently performed file tasks in the vault. Found in the PDM Administration tool, the Tasks option enables convert, design checker, and print tasks for use with SOLIDWORKS files as well as an API to write add-ins for customized tasks. If you ever find yourself with a Failed Task, it could be the Task script is out of date and needs to be reset. 


When setting up a PDM on a client, the SOLIDWORKS PDM icon, colloquially known as the PDM Blueberry icon, is automatically placed as a hidden icon in the Windows taskbar notification area. Moving the SOLIDWORKS PDM Blueberry icon to the Windows taskbar notification area, will allow you quicker access to the SOLIDWORKS PDM help menu, notification inbox, and more. 


eDrawings Jan 17, 2023

If eDrawings is installed and starts up okay when launched (via the Start Menu) but you cannot preview files in the SOLIDWORKS PDM vault view (Figure 1), this is likely because of a disconnect between eDrawings and PDM. This guide explains how to fix all issues with PDM files not previewing in the Preview tab.

If it's necessary to have multiple versions of SOLIDWORKS installed on your computer, it can be an inconvenience if every time we double click on a SOLIDWORKS file, it is opened in the wrong version. In this article, you will learn how to change which version of SOLIDWORKS opens your files when double-clicking on them in File Explorer.


In this guide, we’ll show you how to modify the Quick Search Variable List to allow you to search for up to five variables when doing a File Explorer Quick Search in SOLIDWORKS PDM. Quick Search was introduced in SOLIDWORKS PDM 2020, more on that here, and by default, you only search for File/Folder Name.

In this tutorial, see how to create J-Slots in SOLIDWORKS on cylindrical geometries. Simulating fourth axis machining operations, we will be modeling a cutting tool and its path. 


This guide will show you how to create a Lip/Groove feature in SOLIDWORKS for plastic parts. It can be created in a multi-body part or in an assembly by editing one of its components. For this example, we will create the lip/groove feature in an assembly file. To access the Lip/Groove feature go to Insert Fastening Feature > Lip/Groove.