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A partially filled tanker travels at speed, and then suddenly stops. The liquid inside its tank continues forward, slamming into the walls, then dissipating over time in waves. How much force does it apply on the tank? How long does it take to dissipate? Could a particular baffle design within the tank reduce the overall force, turbulence, and time to settle? We can find out more about tank sloshing using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
"SOLIDWORKS has detected that your system resources are running low. It is recommended that you close some applications to free additional resources." Learn how to fix and understand the problem here.
The Remote Solver in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is used to run flow analyses on a remote computer connected to the network. There are a few requirements including the remote machine must have the same edition and service pack of SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation, SOLIDWORKS & Flow Simulation may use a network license or one standalone license, and the remote computer would ideally have a better processor and more RAM but does not need a good graphics card.
A singularity is a function’s divergence into infinity. Simulation occasionally produces stress (or heat flux) singularities. In this article, we discuss avoiding singularities in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and how and why they occur. How do they singularities occur? Mathematically, the solver uses matrices to represent the elastic field (displacements of the elements).
SOLIDWORKS Simulation has four options for solvers: Auto, FFEPlus, Direct Sparse, and Large Problem Direct Sparse. SimulationXpress uses FFEPlus solely. If you are new to Simulation, always use Auto. SOLIDWORKS will pick the most efficient and most accurate solver for the particular study automatically. The rest of this document will contain specifics on when the solvers will be less efficient and less accurate.