Buying Guide for 3DEXPERIENCE

A comprehensive guide to some of the most common questions about the 3DEXPERIENCE product design platform


Find a 3DEXPERIENCE Reseller

The only way to buy 3DEXPERIENCE is through a certified 3DEXPERIENCE reseller like GoEngineer.


3DEXPERIENCE products are sold worldwide through a large network of certified value-added resellers (VARs). 3DEXPERIENCE resellers also provide additional services like product training, and ongoing support.

3DEXPERIENCE is available Nationwide to GoEngineer customers.  Browse our office locations to find a local office near you or Contact GoEngineer to learn more about 3DEXPERIENCE.

3DEXPERIENCE is Available to ALL GoEngineer customers throughout the entire United States


Interested in purchasing 3DEXPERIENCE, but not sure where to get started? We've outlined 5 recommended steps to point you in the right direction.

Step 1: Do Your Research

The first step for many 3DEXPERIENCE buyers is research. Many types of resources and resellers are available online, but reliable information can be difficult to sort through.  To help you make the right decision for your company start with a simple 3DEXPERIENCE overview.

Additional Examples include; whitepapers, blog posts, eBooks, product matrices, and videos like the ones available in our resource center. Many people investigating the 3DEXPERIENCE platform find that attending an educational event is helpful as well

You may need additional capabilities beyond design.  Such as; Data Management for a team, BOM for supply chain, approval processes for executives, analysis for engineer or CAE and much more.

Step 2: Get a Software Demonstration
Request a Demonstration directly for details and pricing of the software by certified application engineers at your local 3DEXPERIENCE reseller. With 3DEXPERIENCE being a Product development Platform, you may be approaching the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform for a specific need and a reseller can help you with a holistic solution to help your team get product out the door.

A demo also provides an opportunity to learn more about resellers like GoEngineer and to review other software offerings,

Step 3: Purchasing Process

Once you have confirmed for yourself that the tools will work in your environment, the next step will be either a proposal or 3DEXPERIENCE price quote that includes details of products/roles to be purchased, all costs associated with the platform, as well as any services recommended. 

Step 4: 3DEXPERIENCE Implementation

From there, the next step will follow the procurement process inside your organization, often meaning your company will issue a purchase order. Once there is confirmation of your intent to buy 3DEXPERIENCE software and you have arranged a payment method, we order the software on your behalf. It usually takes 3DEXPERIENCE about 3 business days to process your order. Learn more about options available for 3DEXPERIENCE Implementation.

Step 5: GeTtING Started with Your New Software

After your order is completed, we provide you with your serial numbers as well as additional information about the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with access to the GoEngineer Customer Portal. This includes access to our #1 Rated Technical Support team and Community Resources. We will also begin scheduling any services or training that were purchased.

How to Choose a 3DEXPERIENCE Solution

 "Where is 3DEXPERIENCE coming from and why?" 

Learn how 3DEXPERIENCE utilizes the most powerful design tools available on one platform to help you choose the right solution for your team.


SOLIDWORKS is just one of many brands in the Dassault Systemes family. You may have heard of other brands such as:

The Goal of Dassault Systemes is to give their 6M+ SOLIDWORKS users access to all the technology from their other brands in a collaborative and unified Platform.

Thus, Technology from brands like CATIA, DELMIA, ENOVIA, or SIMULIA are now more readily accessible and attainable. (i.e., Generative Designing, Sub D Modeling, Cloud Data and Lifecycle Management, Task Management, Bill of Materials, and Large Deformation Implicit and Explicit Analysis)


"...what's the advantage of 3DEXPERIENCE? ...specifically for data and lifecycle management?"

Should you switch from SOLIDWORKS on-premise to 3DEXPERIENCE cloud?


See how the 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud can reduce IT costs and improve efficiency.


  • Apply patches, upgrades
  • Downtime
  • Performance Tuning
  • Service Agreement Costs
  • Upgrade Dependent Application
  • Maintain/upgrade security
  • Maintain/upgrade Database






Cloud infrastructure

Learn how cloud computing options on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform can reduce your IT cost burden.

Benefits of the Cloud

One of the biggest benefits of 3DEXPERIENCE is the ability to minimize on-premise costs with Cloud data storage. Additionally, there is cloud computation for analysis as well. 

Top Reasons Companies Look at the Cloud

1. More Scalable
2. Less Labor
3. More predictable costs
4. Lower Risk


  • Subscription Fees
  • Training
  • Configuration
  • System Administration

If you need to collaborate with team members across departments and geography, be sure to check out our 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS packages that combine the industry-leading functionality of SOLIDWORKS CAD with secure, cloud-based data management and collaboration tools. Contact GoEngineer directly for details and 3DEXPERIENCE pricing.

Understanding 3DEXPERIENCE Roles

"I know how SOLIDWORKS is licensed, but how is 3DEXPERIENCE licensed? ...and what are roles?"

Before you buy 3DEXPERIENCE, here is an 8 step overview of the types of licenses and roles that are offered for the 3DEXPERIENCE platform and how it can be customized to fit your needs. Contact a 3DEXPERIENCE Sales Expert to discuss your unique needs.


Learn the difference between SOLIDWORKS Licensing and 3DEXPERIENCE Licensing.

#1 - History of SOLIDWORKS Licensing

Specifically the SOLIDWORKS Brand, has been perpetual licensing and then recently term licensing options for their product solutions.

Examples of these are SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD , Simulation and other complimentary Software technology in the Product Development Process (I.e. SOLIDWORKS PDM , SOLIDWORKS Flow , SOLIDWORKS MBD , etc.)


SOLIDWORKS software has two options for purchasing.  The traditional perpetual licensing and then recently the term licensing option for users.

Perpetual & Service Agreement

Perpetual licensing is a higher cost of licensing with a smaller year over year cost for the service agreement. You own the software version of the year purchased (i.e., SOLIDWORKS 2022) and the service agreement (AKA support/subscription) is what enables you to update your SOLIDWORKS suite and get support from GoEngineer.

View the GoEngineer Service Agreement >

Term (Lease)

Term licensing is similar to leasing. You essentially pay-to-play or temporarily rent the software. The software shuts off after it’s duration (term) has expired. 

Includes GoEngineer Technical Support

#3 - 3dEXPERIENCE Licensing | PERPETUAL & TERM vs. Saas

3DEXPERIENCE licensing varies from traditional SOLIDWORKS perpetual and term licensing options. Instead, 3DEXPERIENCE utilizes a SaaS licensing option and sells what is called “Roles” and groups of Roles called “Bundles” from the 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

Learn More About SOLIDWORKS Perpetual, Service and Term Licensing from GoEngineer. Perpetual & Service Agreement | Term (Lease) Licensing

Learn the difference in licensing options with SOLIDWORKS and 3DEXPERIENCE SaaS options.
Named User SaaS Licensing

Collaborative Business Innovator Role in the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

#4 - Getting Started with 3DEXPERIENCE

To gain access to the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, GoEngineer can provide you with the "Collaborative Business Innovator Role." The is the first role you need as a user to login and access the communities and 3DDrive. 

Along with access to the 3D EXPERIENCE platform, a Collaborative Business Innovator Role will give you a basic allotment of cloud storage space. 


Building onto the Collaborative Business Innovator Role, we then get the beginnings of data and lifecycle management and the Collaborative Industry Innovator Bundle. With this Bundle, we get the beginnings of storage and data management in the cloud and the ability to collaborate with others who have the same bundle.

Get the Collaborative Industry Innovator Bundle >

#6 - SOLIDWORKS Cloud Services

Building on the Collaborative Industry Innovator Bundle (CBI + CII) we get the Collaborative Designer Bundle (CBI+CII+ CD) allowing a SOLIDWORKS user to log into the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform and get started with data and lifecycle management tools all connected to SOLIDWORKS CAD. 

This technology has been waterfalled from the Dassault Systémes ENOVIA brand to the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform. 

Get the Collaborative Designer Bundle >

#7 - CAD Design Tool Options

If you already have SOLIDWORKS Licensing, we can help you with 3DEXPERIENCE Roles to extend your current setup into 3DEXPERIENCE . If you need to secure CAD licensing as well, contact a GoEngineer 3DEXPERIENCE Expert for more details.

Compare SOLIDWORKS Traditional Desktop CAD to 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud Design Options.

Licensing Options:
  • Collaborative Designer for SOLIDWORKS
Get Pricing on SOLIDWORKS plus Collaborative Designer from 3DEXPERIENCE.
Licensing Options:
  • SOLIDWORKS Term Standard + Collaborative Designer Roles
  • SOLIDWORKS Term Professional + Collaborative Designer Roles
  • SOLIDWORKS Term Premium + Collaborative Designer Roles
Learn More About the 3DEXPERIENCE SOLIDWORKS Hybrid Cloud Designing Tools.
Licensing Options:
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Standard
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Professional
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Premium

To help make the most informed decision of which 3DEXPERIENCE design package is best for you, take an in-depth look at:

#8 - EmPower YOUR TEAM

With our primary CAD user taken care of, the value of collaboration in product development can begin to be utilized.  Imagine a team wearing these “ hats ” and it builds a picture of what 3DEXPERIENCE Bundles/Roles would be best suited to help your team.

How Can 3DEXPERIENCE Roles and Bundles Work With Your Existing Team and Business Partners?


3DEXPERIENCE is a scalable solution tailored to the responsibilities of all the players on your team.

In the example below, you can see how multiple CAD users doing lifecycle management in the cloud (including Bill of Material (BOM) management) can be supported by people doing supply chain. Additonally, these users can collaborate with internal executives or even external contract manufactures working in a joint development.

Get Scalable Product Management and Design Solutions for Your Team with 3DEXPERIENCE Roles and Bundles!


There are three customer onboarding options available for 3DEXPERIENCE Implementation.

Learn How to Utilize 3DEXPERIENCE's Self Service Onboarding and Implementation Services.

Self Service Onboarding

Learn More About 3DEXPERIENCE Onboarding and Implementation Services Available with GoEngineer.

3DEXPERIENCE Onboarding Services

  • Customer gets a dedicated AE to work with through the entire implementation. 
  • Engineer is your personal success consultant who takes part in calls, discussions and meetings throughout the implementation.
  • Onboarding Services focus on initial setup as well as end user training ensuring all employees can leverage the power of 3DEXPERIENCE.

Call & Provided Statement of Work with Quote

Purchase Decision Made

Kickoff Call to Schedule Onboarding

Business Process Workshop
("Business Process Workshop" (BPW) to understand customer’s expected outcomes.)

Initial Administrator Training
(Cover the basics on 3DEXPERIENCE for an administrator as well as configure the customer's platform based on BPW)

End User Basics Training
(Entry user training on getting started with 3DEXPERIENCE. ie; how to save, open, revision, and release items on the platform)

End User Advanced Training
(Focuses on more advanced topics. ie; searches, adding documents, releasing content, etc...)

Get a Custom Quote for 3DEXPERIENCE Enterprise Implementation Services from GoEngineer.

Enterprise Implementation

Similiar to our 3DEXPERIENCE Onboarding Services , this option is expanded where customers are implementing multiple solutions requiring phased implementations involving multiple departments. 

Whether you are a young start up or expanding enterprise, we can help you maximize the 3DExperience Platform. 


Still Have Questions About Buying 3DEXPERIENCE?

Reach out to GoEngineer and an expert will follow-up with you.

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