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STRATASYS – FDM Holes Without Support

by Mark Bashor

In this blog, we will highlight the capability of Stratasys FDM systems to build horizontal hole features without support and illustrate the benefits of using this approach.

Beyond Product Design

by Mitch Bossart, Industry Writer for GoEngineer

Focus Product Design leverages technology solutions from GoEngineer to take its customers from Design-to-Market™. The company’s business model is laser-focused on making its customers successful. Read on to find out how.

Create Custom 3D Printed Fan Gear!

by GoEngineer

Super Bowl 50 is over, which means there’s probably a lot of happy Broncos fans out there looking for a way to show support for their team. You could buy an off the shelf cap, t-shirt, or beer koozie, but if you want to step it up a notch, create something custom!

Troubleshooting Gaps in Thin Prints

by GoEngineer

Just because it looks good on your computer screen, doesn’t necessarily mean it will look good on the printing platform. Try these 3D Printing Tips & Tricks to help achieve the best print.

3D Printed Father’s Day Gift

by Jessica Skorut

This Father’s Day, give your dad a present he can really utilize and appreciate: a 3D printed neck-tie holder! The team at GoEngineer designed and printed this quick Father’s Day present, and you can too.

Earth Day and FDM

by Deborah Cox

In recognition of Earth Day celebrations held during April across the country, GoEngineer applauds everyone that is consciously working on helping to preserve Earth’s beauty and resources.  Individuals and organizations are

Valentine’s Day and Stratasys 3D Printing: A Love Story

by Jeff Jordan

Valentine’s Day dates back almost two millennia, whereas 3D printing is the hottest of ‘hot new things’, and has really only come to the public consciousness in the last decade. How well could these two very different things from very different times come together? Amazingly well, when you have Stratasys 3D printers and a little ingenuity. Read all about how Valentine’s Day gifts can be unique and customized using Stratasys 3D Printing.

SHeLvEd: Behind the Scenes

by Tyler Reid

A team made up of GoEngineer CEO Brad Hansen, Tandem Studios President Nathan Smith, Mechanical Engineer at Profire Energy Kevin Lynk, and I brainstormed answers to these questions and more. By the end of our session we knew our protagonist was a determined robot who had a fembot love interest, played with dangerously cool toys, and possessed zero understanding of basic physics.

3D Printing – Endless Possibilities

by Sandy Ortez

3D Printing is making its way to you. From medical devices to automotive parts, fashion to sporting goods; 3D printing is here for the long run. 

Ready for Nylon? Stratasys 3D printers are.

by Kevin Quach

FDM Nylon 12, Stratasys’ strongest and toughest part to date, was introduced this week. The Nylon material will have “up to five times greater resistance to breaking and better impact strength compared to even the strongest FDM materials.” Nylon has been