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Manifold Optimization with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – Part 1

by Arunachalam Thiraviam

Modified Optimization with SOLIDWORKS Flow

The automotive world is filled with engineers who are constantly trying to improve the performance of their vehicles by swapping out their stock parts with custom designs. This can be a tedious and expensive process if you are attempting a new design that hasn’t been field-tested.

Cybertruck Simulation: Deal or Dud?

by Shaun Bentley

Transient Animation of Cybertruck Flow Development

Let’s explore the aerodynamic performance of the Cybertruck with SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and let the results speak for themselves.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 – Specifying Altitude

by Enrique Garcia

Specifying Altitude in Flow Simulation

New in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation 2020 it is possible to specify the altitude of the system you are setting up. This enhancement makes it easier to work with different scenarios when using Parametric Studies in Flow Simulation. 

3D Printing Fluid Flow Trajectory Lines

by Arvind Krishnan

3D Printing technology and SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation meet to help take your product demonstrations to a whole new level. Find out how in this blog post.