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3D printer materials section launched

by Ramon Busboom

GoEngineer has just launched a custom Materials section on our website!
We have formulated a grid comparison of the most common properties to make it as easy as possible to find the exact fit for the exact application.

3D Design & Printing is a Crazy Huge World

by Jennifer Douglas

With the school year wrapping up, engineering parents are looking for a place to send their teenager for summer. After all, keeping them busy means staying out of trouble, right?  Summer camp used to include toasting marshmallows, children pranks and

3D Printing: Rounding Out the 3D Experience

by Jessica Skorut

“We’re wasting huge amounts of money by NOT having 3D printing.” That statement was expressed by one GoEngineer customer at a luncheon I recently attended. He said he

3D Printers, Disruptive Manufacturing, and You

by Chris Lopez

By now, just about everyone has heard of 3D printing, most of us have experience with the technology in one form or another, and every single day we’re hearing it mentioned in the news.

3D Printing 101 – What is 3D printing?

by Sandy Ortez

[gallery columns="5" ids="2902,421,2903,1065,632"] 3D Printing is making its way into news all over the world.  Articles discuss how the technology is being used to print body parts, toys, ring molds, guns and more. With 3D Printing taking the spotlight, why not take the time

3D Printing is now even more affordable with Mojo from Stratasys

by Sandy Ortez

The 3D printing market is continuing to expand with lower cost desktop machines, which allows small to medium sized businesses to add 3D Printing to their design process and reduce their costs. One of the latest printers on the market is Mojo from Stratasys – an inexpensive desktop printer which you can lease for as little as $185 a month! But why invest in a 3D printer?