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3D Printing: A Solution Out of Thin Air

by Ryan Dark

3D Printing becomes a great solution for avid skiydiver, Ryan Dark. Find out what he creates to capture amazing images and videos from the sky.

Print-a-Part Event Inspires Houston

by GoEngineer

On August 26th, GoEngineer hosted a 3D Print-a-Part Event in our Houston office. Tony Riggs, Application Engineer discussed a day in the life of a designer utilizing a 3D printer. More specifically, he showed the group of attendees how he designed a fixture using SOLIDWORKS that holds parts for gluing. Tony went on to discuss the parameters he used for this part in order to create the 3D prototype in house. The group was able to view our 3D Printer Lab and get detailed insight on printer versatility.

Out With the Old & In With the New

by Sandy Ortez

printer_bannerTechnology changes as well as your needs. Are you finding your 3D Printer isn’t Quite getting the job done?  Good news,  a new Stratasys 3D printer is now at your fingertips. Time to get

3D Printing – Endless Possibilities

by Sandy Ortez

3D Printing is making its way to you. From medical devices to automotive parts, fashion to sporting goods; 3D printing is here for the long run.