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A Game of Tag: How to Organize Unidentifiable Manuals

by Jeff Lendermon

The spiral-bound manuals in my library shelves stack fine, though I find myself pulling several manuals until I find the one I am looking for. I decided that I needed to come up with a way to label these manuals so they can be easily identified. Learn more here.

Learn SolidWorks at your own pace.

by Jessica Skorut

If you’ve been looking for an engineering job lately, you’ve probably discovered that most of them require the use of SolidWorks as one of the main design/analysis tools. If you’d like to learn SolidWorks but don’t have the time to

Advance Your Skills with SolidWorks 201 by Tandy Banks

Our “201” class is comprised of SolidWorks Advanced Part and Advanced Assembly curriculum. During the 4-day course, we explore 17 chapters to help you become more proficient. Advanced Part topics include: Multi-body techniques, complex sweeping, Lofts, Boundary, curves, advanced filleting & Face features. In Assembly Modeling we cover: advanced mates, file structures, improved performance techniques, top-down design, Display States, Smart Components & assembly features.