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You’re Doing Great with SoLIDWORKS. What Next?

SOLIDWORKS is an amazing design tool that rightly dominates the industry – that’s why you made the wise choice to adopt it yourself. But how do you raise the bar and stay competitive once you’re already making the most of SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD?

Algorithms & Automation for Better Design

The future of design is moving beyond pure human labor and thinking, and into tool-assisted methods, whether that be automation or artificial intelligence.

Here is your introduction to Dassault Systèmes’s world of design optimization and automation tools, including advanced 3DEXPERIENCE generative design tools. Many of these tools have been around for years, some are quite new, and some are soon to ride in on the wave of generative AI.


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    What Is Generative Design to the SOLIDWORKS CAD User?

  • "Generative design" is a hot topic lately, but it's been a powerful product development tool since before AI came around. What can you do with it right now, and where is it going in the future?

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    SOLIDWORKS Parametric vs. Topology Optimization

  • What’s the difference between SOLIDWORKS Simulation’s parametric and topology optimization? Let’s answer that question and walk through the optimization workflow.

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    Two Tall Orders of Topology: SOLIDWORKS & 3DEXPERIENCE

  • Wouldn’t it be nice to input design and functional requirements and receive a part/assembly that will do the job? Let’s compare workflows and results from two topology optimization solutions.

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    SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation - Design of Experiments and Optimization

  • We step-by-step conduct a parametric flow study, setting up a design of experiments to automatically evaluate multiple goals and find the optimal parameters to satisfy our flow scenario.

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    3DEXPERIENCE Parametric Optimization: The Ultimate Tool for Data-Driven Design

  • Making the correct design decisions while juggling a stack of competing requirements is hard. This tool can automatically, exhaustively, and realistically evaluate thousands of design variants.

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SOLIDWORKS + CATIA = The Best of Both Worlds

SOLIDWORKS and CATIA are best-in-class CAD tools with different applications. But what if you have cross-over design needs? You don’t have to suffer with suboptimal workarounds that take longer to produce worse results.

Discover some of the design strengths specific to CATIA and how they can be leveraged at a SOLIDWORKS company.


  • Video Primer
    What Is CATIA?

  • For more than 40 years, CATIA has been core to global manufacturing productivity in our most complex and high-precision industries. What makes it such a strong choice as a CAD solution?

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    6 Design Struggles CATIA Solves

  • We discuss six design struggles SOLIDWORKS users often deal with that are easier to tackle in CATIA, including surfacing, large assembly, composites, and more.

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    Collaborative Motorbike Design with 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA and SOLIDWORKS

  • These best-in-class CAD tools have different applications, but what if you could benefit from both? Join us to see a multi-CAD design and change management workflow with tips & tricks along the way.

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  • Discover the major advantages of the latest generation of CATIA, now cloud-enabled and easy to integrate into multi-CAD, with unparalleled design-to-manufacturing integration.

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    Collaborative Surfacing with SOLIDWORKS & CATIA

  • We briefly walk through a CATIA surfacing designer natively integrating his work with the SOLIDWORKS team into one product structure and PLM using the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform.
  • Coming 4/23
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    Multi-CAD in the SOLIDWORKS/CATIA 3DEXPERIENCE Environment

  • Discover a fully integrated (i.e. zero import/export) SOLIDWORKS-CATIA environment and workflow as we connect, fit, and complete a change action in a multi-CAD motorbike assembly.

  • Coming 4/24

Design Faster with a Different Kind of CAD

Traditional parametric modelers may be the reigning kings in the CAD world, but there are some tasks that are exponentially easier, or only achievable, with alternative methods. The SOLIDWORKS and CATIA teams have created lightweight, on-cloud CAD tools for that.

Get your first look at the unique design capabilities of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD webapps and how they can integrate into your SOLIDWORKS workflows.


  • Video Demonstration
    Advanced and Next-Gen Patterning with SOLIDWORKS & 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Pattern Shape Creator

  • As a CAD designer, do you need to be able to easily create complex patterning on your part geometry? Here’s a powerful, nondestructive, node-based 3D modeler that can take you to the next level.
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    Lightweighting and Latticing for Additive Manufacturing with 3DEXPERIENCE Lattice Designer

  • Lattice structures for lightweighting, strength, and additive manufacturing are a huge step forward. See this implicit lattice modeling tool integrate with our traditionally-modeled parts.
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  • Video Tutorial
    How to Start Subdivision Modeling with 3DEXPERIENCE 3D Sculptor

  • Subdivisional modeling can save hours on surfacing tasks that challenge traditional CAD. This is your introductory tutorial to using 3D Sculptor for ergonomic and sculptural design exploration & development.

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  • Video Tutorial
    How to Turn a 2D Image into 3D Geometry with 3DEXPERIENCE Pattern Shape Creator

  • Have you ever wanted to create 3D geometry from a 2D image? Perhaps it was simply a stencil or something multicolored where depth is desired. Here’s how you do it using this unique CAD tool.
  • Coming 4/25

Reduce Cost & Uncertainty in Composites Design

Designing for composites is a special beast. Such materials provide clear performance advantages, but also unique challenges during development. CATIA’s aerospace and automotive pedigree that has made it the most robust solution for composites design and simulation, and now SOLIDWORKS users of all industries can take advantage of it.


  • Article
    Composites in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Overview

  • What are composite materials and the CAD challenges associated with them? We discuss these fundamentals and then share CATIA’s multiple approaches to designing with these materials.
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    Precision in Practice: Combining Composites Design and Analysis in 3DEXPERIENCE

  • We reveal a fully-integrated composite design and analysis process that reduces errors in manufacturing and degradation in product performance. With this workflow, you hit the mark every time.

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  • Article
    Intro to CAD-Connected Composites FEA: A Game-Changer for Composites Design

  • Why are composite structures so hard to simulate? How is their modeling and simulation done? How do 3DEXPERIENCE CAD and FEA tools streamline development with these complex materials?
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Ready to Learn More?

Reach out to GoEngineer's CAD experts today to ask questions or see for yourself what you can do with advanced CATIA capabilities, CATIA multi-CAD, generative cloud CAD, and SOLIDWORKS & 3DEXPERIENCE design optimization.


Ready to Learn More?

Reach out to GoEngineer's CAD experts today to ask questions or see for yourself what you can do with advanced CATIA capabilities, CATIA multi-CAD, generative cloud CAD, and SOLIDWORKS & 3D EXPERIENCE design optimization.


Advanced design tools for the SOLIDWORKS environment



10 Reasons 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Gives Mechanical Engineers An Advantage

Having the right tools for the right job can massively increase engineers' productivity, and there's no time to lose in today's competitive environment.

3DEXPERIENCE CATIA companies can experience:

  • A 20% to 50% gain in productivity thanks to superior modeling and assembly management capabilities
  • Seamless workflows and faster processing with cloud-based data management and high-performance cloud computing
  • Up to a further 30% improvement in productivity thanks to a unified modeling and simulation environment and design for manufacturability

Download this whitepaper for a closer look at what makes CATIA the ultimate mechanical design tool.




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