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SOLIDWORKS Plastics Nov 24, 2020
The SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium 2021 injection molding add-in for SOLIDWORKS CAD provides the highest level of analysis with the advanced cooling function. The cooling analysis is important for more accurate study results because it accounts for the mold steel thermal properties with the coolant flowing through the cooling channels. In this blog, we will learn how the improved sketch-based mesh is a time saver over meshing the 3D cooling channels.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Sep 17, 2020
The sink mark prediction tool in SOLIDWORKS Plastics is a potent tool in predicting sink mark locations and how deep the sink mark will end up being. In this article, I will show how to find and reduce sink marks that tend to form in injection molds at rib locations.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Feb 06, 2020
GoEngineer customer, Plastic Sample Kits, used SOLIDWORKS Plastics Simulation software to create an aid for choosing the best plastic for your part design.
SOLIDWORKS Plastics Apr 06, 2017
SOLIDWORKS Plastics 2015 introduced the capability of analyzing a model using a symmetric runner. Follow these steps to setup your model in SOLIDWORKS Plastics Professional and SOLIDWORKS Plastics Premium.