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DraftSight Sep 23, 2022

In this quick tip, we demonstrate how to use Draw Compare, a handy tool in DraftSight for comparing two versions of a drawing to verify differences in the files. Rather than check a drawing side by side manually, either by checking hard copies by hand or on screen, the Draw Compare tool, built into DraftSight, can instead be used to confirm the changes have been made.



You might ask yourself why there are two Bead features in SOLIDWORKS Weldments; Weld Bead and Fillet Bead. In this quick tip, we compare the two to help you better decide when to use one over the other. 


DraftSight Aug 08, 2022

Like SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight can easily be customized to suit your needs. In this article, we will look at making some modifications to improve your productivity via the DraftSight Quick Access Toolbar.  

DraftSight Jul 19, 2022

DraftSight is a powerful two-dimensional drafting tool. Much like SOLIDWORKS, DraftSight is highly customizable, and users can easily backup and transfer their settings to another computer. In this quick tip, we’ll demonstrate how simple it is to copy your DraftSight settings and transfer them to another computer.


In this article, we will show you the steps to convert a SOLIDWORKS Multibody Part file into a SOLIDWORKS Assembly File. The steps listed below can be useful when creating Molds as you can easily model everything at the Part level, and then move to the Assembly drawing to simply create your annotations. 


Customers have asked me if it is possible to show the total surface area of a SOLIDWORKS sheet metal part in a Bill of Materials to calculate how much material was being used. In this tutorial, I'll demonstrate where this information is stored in the part file Cut-List Properties, and how to display it in your Bill of Materials (BOM).

In this quick tip, we review the steps to add weld beads to a weldment file. The Weld Bead feature allows you to add the bead and weld symbol to your SOLIDWORKS model and drawing. The Weld Bead feature is a simple graphical representation and will not affect the performance of the model. 


eDrawings Sep 07, 2021

eDrawings is a lightweight application that allows you to view 2D and 3D files without a license of SOLIDWORKSIf you need to install eDrawings on multiple computers, entering an email address numerous times can be time-consuming and repetitive. The installation method detailed in this guide will bypass the need to register eDrawings Viewer with your email address.  


eDrawings Aug 03, 2021

In an ideal world, all of our colleagues, vendors, and customers would have SOLIDWORKS installed on their computers, allowing us to easily share files - but we don't always have that luxury. So what do you do when someone who doesn't have access to SOLIDWORKS asks to view your files? You turn to eDrawings