API Instructions: Mass Save As

Mass Save As Macro



This macro works on a top level directory and the subfolders within it. It processes all the assemblies in the directories, save these assemblies as parts, then exports the part as IGES and STEP.

In the Main Sub Routine are three hard coded directories/variables to use. From SolidWorks go to Tools…Macros…Edit. To adjust.

  • TempPartFile = This is the temporary part this is used again and again for the “Save to Part” operation.
  • SaveToDirectory = Leave this as “” if you want it to be the same as the parent assembly, else give it a directory to dump the IGES/STEP files into it.
  • The final Directory highlighted is the top level folder for it to run on. This includes ALL Sub-directories.

NOTE: It uses SOLIDWORKS top open the assemblies and tempoary parts. So if you are processing a lot of files, this is going to take a long time. It’s best to “play” with a small directory to adjust the variables and verify the results.

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