SOLIDWORKS PDM - A Round Table Discussion with John MacArthur

2D Drawings are STILL the 'old standby' go to deliverable for most design communication. They are also called "Detailing" for a reason! 2D Drawings can be tedious and time consuming, with allot of duplication of effort if you aren't careful. Darin @ GoEngineer has a list of features he things you should be aware of, if you aren't already using them constantly already. In this video, we will talk about and show live demonstration of areas of SolidWorks PDM like: -Group and User Permissions -Version and Revision Control -Workflow and Automation and -Searching and File Management It's important to talk about where your company is currently as well as where you'd like to go, so John will dive into questions about how your company is currently storing CAD Data and what kind of challenges you are experiencing working in a 'typical' mapped drive network environment. Many of these processes are attempted manually for a great deal of SolidWorks Customers, so it's also important to identify current processes for handling CAD Revisions and ECO's or Change Orders so you can see how to apply to tools in SolidWorks PDM to address those challenges. This 2 hour Round Table discussion is sure to reveal functionality you did know you had and answer several questions about the best approach to many of the common goals of SOLIDWORKS CAD users. :) Also, follow us on Social media to get updates on what's new in the SOLIDWORKS universe!!