Remote Access to Your SOLIDWORKS Network or Standalone License

by Darin Grosser

Many of us have been faced with the need to work from home and we have no choice but to find solutions to the challenges we face. If you have found yourself suddenly working remotely, we can help you access your SOLIDWORKS license regardless if it’s a standalone or network license type.

Which type of SOLIDWORKS license do I have?

Before we get started, you need to know what type of license you have. Find out by starting SOLIDWORKS and going to HELP | About SOLIDWORKS.


From here, there is a button to Show Serial Number 

show serial number solidworks

Your serial number begins with four digits.

  • If the third digit is a one, you have a network (floating) license
  • If the third digit is a zero, you have a standalone license

In my example, you can see that it is a network license.

solidworks network serial number example

How to work remotely with a SOLIDWORKS network license

If your company uses a SOLIDWORKS Network License (SNL), you can borrow the license for up to 30 days. This is intended for mobile workstations as a method of remaining portable. If you have a large tower workstation, you can go in, borrow the license, and then take your workstation home.

You can access step-by-step instructions for license borrowing and returning here.

Pro Tip: If you can access your License Manager by having IT set up a Virtual Private Network (VPN), then you don’t even need to do this. You can access network licenses normally as if you were sitting at your desk…your files too!

How to work remotely with a SOLIDWORKS standalone license

Since SOLIDWORKS 2018 (2017 SP3 actually…) SOLIDWORKS Standalone seats have had the capability of being changed from the traditional “Machine Activation” mode to “Online Licensing”.

Online Licensing enables the user to “Log in” to their computer and have the SOLIDWORKS license essentially follow them. Of course, you still need a machine capable of running SOLIDWORKS, but it allows you to install the software on as many computer as you like since you can only be in one place at a time anyway.

To change how your license behaves, you need to log into your My.SolidWorks account in order to make the switch.

Check out our comprehensive SOLIDWORKS tutorial showing you how to change your standalone license to online licensing below.

SOLIDWORKS 2020 Tutorial - Online Licensing

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