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Solidworks Simulation Services from GoEngineer

How Can GoEngineer Simulation Services Help You Make Better Products?

Let’s face it, product design isn’t getting any less complicated. To stay competitive in today’s market your products need to last longer than the competition, be cheaper to manufacture, and deliver a more compelling customer experience.

We all need a little help sometimes. Let GoEngineer help address your simulation needs by providing access to PHD level talent as well as high end simulation tools to solve the most challenging product scenarios.

GoEngineer Simulation Services


Who Can We Help?

  • Start-up companies that have the core team together, but haven’t grown large enough to have specialized analysis skills in-house.
  • Research and Development groups that are working on a very challenging problem and need to bring in multi-discipline experts to achieve functional results.
  • Green field products. Do you have an idea for a new product that will only work if the idea can be virtually tested and proven prior to moving forward with design, manufacturing or funding?


Composite Material Simulation GoEngineer

Advanced Composite Analysis

Do you need Stronger and Lighter Products?

Test out the latest in layup and manufacturing processes for composite materials to make strong light-weight designs.

Multi-Physics Analysis

Can Fluid-Structure Interaction Testing Help Your Design?

Simulate multiple phenomenon like deflections, thermal, acoustic, electromagnetics and fluid flow, and their simultaneous influence on the performance of your products, for instance: Fluid-Structure Interaction.

Root Cause Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

Is Product Failure Simulation Testing Right For Your Design?

Determine the root cause of product failure such as external loading, environmental conditions or manufacturing defects.

Creep Analysis

Need Structural Load and Temperature Stress Analysis?

Utilize GoEngineer’s expert simulation team to evaluate permanent structural deformations of your products from long-term exposure to loads and elevated temperatures with advanced creep and stress analysis services.

durability testing

Durability Testing

Can Simulation Tests For Product Durability Improve Your Design?

We help test the fatigue strength of your components for thousands or millions of loading cycles to estimate product life and durability. Predict high cycle and low cycle durability for mechanical, electrical and electronic components under repeated loading.

Crash Testing

Do You Need Simulation of Extreme Conditions for Product Safety?

Simulate crash, impact, drop and explosion tests and other high energy dynamic effects to ensure safety and strength under these extreme conditions for your product designs.

Solidworks Simulation

Chemical Reactions

Will Your Designs Be Exposed to Various Chemicals?

Predict the effect of chemical reactions between fluids on product performance. Simulate phenomenon such as evaporation, condensation, multi-phase mixing and combustion in your designs.

Topology Optimization

Need Topology Optimization to Maximize Strength and Reduce Material?

Find the best shape for your products through generative, bio-inspired design methods such as topology optimization to minimize material usage and maximize strength. Your designs can be improved with SOLIDWORKS topology optimization services from GoEngineer

additive manufacturing simulation

Design for Additive Manufacturing

What Can Simulation of Materials Offer Your Design?

Take your bio-inspired designs a step further by simulating the additive manufacturing process and using this to determine strength. Validate new materials for plastic additive manufacturing, simulate the layer-by-layer printing process and perform in-fill optimization.

Acoustic Analysis

Do Your Designs Need Acoustic Simulation Testing to Optimize Performance?

New products are continually pushing engineers to make smaller and compact products that perform better. Utilize GoEngineer to help you maximize your designs audio performance with Acoustic Analysis Simulation.

electromagnetic simulation


How Can EMS Simulation Tools Help You?

Let GoEngineer help you test your designs Electromagnetics with EMS Software. Simulate voltage, current, magnetic force, electric force, torque, and more with your SOLIDWORKS design.

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