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Get the most out of your investment! Join complimentary engineering webinars that are relevant, timely, and help you leverage your technology investments. Each webinar is 30 min with live Q&A by the presenter, a GoEngineer product specialist.


SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: Structural Analysis with CFD results

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation: Structural Analysis with CFD results

Thu, Jan 23, 2020 12pm PT
Join GoEngineer for a short webinar that goes over utilizing flow and thermal analysis results from a CFD study in a structural analysis. This technique is used to analyze strength of wind-loaded systems, high-pressure fluid manifolds, heat exchangers and electronics components that generate a lot of heat.

Tips & Tricks: SOLIDWORKS 2D Drawings

Tue, Feb 4, 2020 12pm PT
No matter how long you’ve been a SOLIDWORKS user, and even with all of the great technological advances we have made, 2D Drawings are STILL the primary deliverable from Engineering to Fabrication for most companies. You know what else 2D Drawings are? They are repetitive and tedious!!
Incorporating 3D Documentation within your Design

Incorporating 3D Documentation within your Design

Thu, Feb 6, 2020 12pm PT
In this webinar, we’ll be covering DimXpert, TolAnalyst and SOLIDWORKS MBD. The DimXpert functionality is for adding 3D annotations (datums, dimensions, and geometric tolerances) to partially or fully define geometry in parts, and with SOLIDWORKS MBD, in assemblies as well. With SOLIDWORKS MBD you can even create 3D PDFs & 3D STEP242 files. We will then finish with TolAnalyst, an add-in that allows you to do a quick Tolerance stack of your SOLIDWORKS assemblies.
Getting started with SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Deep Dive Webinar: SOLIDWORKS Visualize

Thu, Feb 13, 2020 12pm PT

Learn to leverage SOLIDWORKS Visualize as your virtual CAD photographer! Your marketing and web teams will be blown away with your stellar content.

Join us for a webinar with Adam Hughes and learn everything you need to know about SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Topics covered will include:
• Custom Import
• SOLIDWORKS Add-on Import
• Painting/Coloring
• Creating custom appearances
• Editing Scene
• Adding Lights
• Rendering Options


Better Together: SOLIDWORKS CAM & PDM

Tue, Feb 18, 2020 12pm PT

Do you have trouble keeping track of your production CAM files for your flagship products? What about your data management – are you ready to forget the sticky notes and spreadsheets?

• Recommended workflows to version control SOLIDWORKS CAM toolpaths during programming.
• Management of SOLIDWORKS CAM toolpaths and post process files while retaining current revision data on approved/released file sets
• PDM Branch and Merge advantages (PDM Professional only)

How SOLIDWORKS Electrical Uses Symbols to Represent Any Aspect of Your Design

Symbolism Electrified – How SOLIDWORKS Electrical Uses Symbols to Represent Any Aspect of Your Design!

Thu, Feb 20, 2020 12pm PT

Sign up to watch our SOLIDWORKS Electrical experts cover everything you need to know about Symbols in SOLIDWORKS Electrical Schematic! From the basics of Single Line and Multi-line symbols and their differences, to the secrets of intelligent 2D footprints for cabinet layouts that are fully associated to your schematics, to our most advanced topics like automatically-created Dynamic symbols and *ridiculously* cool Connection Labels for any type of component… we’ve got it all!

Attendees will learn:
• What they are and how the software uses them – the basics of symbols in Electrical Schematic
• The many types of meta-data that symbols can use to make your work quicker, more accurate, and more intelligent!
• Best-practices for different symbol types – single-line, multi-line, 2D footprints, as well as dynamic symbols and connection labels

solidworks plastics mold base

SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Looking at Return on Investment

Fri, Mar 6, 2020 12pm PT

Join us for a webinar with Jeff Lendermon and learn everything you need to know about SOLIDWORKS Plastics. Presentation will include demonstrations on:

• The functionality of SOLIDWORKS Plastics and how it can benefit the part designer.
• Examining a part design to see the cost of change after tooling has been built.
• Breaking down the return on investment for SOLIDWORKS Plastics.


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Stratasys – New Flexible Material TPU 92a

Learn all about Stratasys brand new (flexible) TPU 92a material. In this webinar we will highlight the history of TPU’s, industries and applications where TPU’s are commonly found, how customers can get started printing this new material, and some of the best practices involved with printing it.

Stratasys – FDM & PolyJet Materials

Overview of Stratasys 3D printable materials and their properties. Webinar presented by Tyler Reid of GoEngineer.
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Video Library

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