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From the team that brought you SOLIDWORKS comes the next generation of design tools, in-browser and cloud-connected.

3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD is a portfolio of 3D CAD apps that run entirely in your web browser, meaning you can access them from any 3D-enabled device with an internet connection. And thanks to the cloud nature of your design data, it’s all stored in one unified cloud environment where you can seamlessly take advantage of 3DEXPERIENCE’s data and lifecycle management, simulation, manufacturing, and rendering tools and get to market faster than ever.

“We chose a 3D EXPERIENCE Works Simulation solution because it’s cloud-based, which supports our remotely located engineering organization, works seamlessly with SOLIDWORKS design data, and incorporates the Abaqus Explicit solver, which is best suited for the types of simulation studies that we need to conduct on our parts, which can involve hyperelasticity, creep, fatigue, and contact.”

– Thomas Morgan
Design Engineer

Morgan Polymer Seals quote about GoEngineer and the 3DEXPERIENCE SImulia tools


Go beyond traditional parametric CAD with visual scripting and other methods.

Exclusive New Ways to Design

CAD Tools & Data on Any Devic

CAD Tools & Data on Any Device

  • Full-featured design tools for parametric modeling, surfacing, sheet metal, frame structures, and complex generative patterning.
  • All browser-based tools, usable on any 3D-enabled, internet-connected device.
  • Includes cloud-based PDM for secure data accessible from anywhere.

Part of an End-to-End Collaborative Workflow

Part of an End-to-End Collaborative Workflow

  • Includes collaborative and lifecycle management tools for more efficient teamwork.
  • Your designs are available for downstream workflows in simulation, manufacturing, and more, also on the 3D EXPERIENCE Platform.
  • Focus on ease-of-use with intuitive interface and plentiful learning resources.

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Learn how Morgan Polymer Seals utilized 3DEXPERIENCE Works Simulation to meet electric vehicle market boom.

Learn how Morgan Polymer Seals accelerated their seal development to meet electric vehicle market demand with 3D EXPERIENCE Works Simulation.



  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - Browser Based CAD

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      3D Creator

  • 3D Creator allows you to create, evaluate, and collaborate in an easy-to-use, browser-based solution that meets all your parametric 3D design needs.
  • Key Features:
    - Parametric 3D solid and surface modeling, assembly modeling, and more
    - Design Guidance inspires new designs based on real-world loads
    - Design Assistant cuts repetitive tasks with artificial intelligence
    - The patented “super features” allow change of design intent anytime
    - Design for Manufacturability Checks to reduce time and cost of production
    - Single modeling environment eliminates planning assembly structures
    - A special “Touch Mode” for use on mobile and touch screen devices
  • Typically used by:
    Designers who need small-to-mid-scale parametric CAD on the go
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - 3D Sculptor

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      3D Sculptor

  • 3D Sculptor enables the fast and intuitive creation of organic, complex shapes.
  • Key Features:
    - Push and pull interaction to create complex surfaces quickly
    - Sketch guides where images and sketches can be used to create 3D surface geometry
    - Ability to automatically convert subdivision surfaces to NURBS geometry
    - Creation of stylized models faster than with parametric tools
    - Seamlessly switch between conceptual modeling and detailed modeling environments and eliminate the need for rework
    - Native integration with all 3DEXPERIENCE tools, including 3D Creator for parametric design
  • Typically used by:
    - Designers who need small-to-mid-scale surfacing CAD on the go
    - Designers who want to enhance SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD with a simple surfacing tool
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - 3D Sheetmetal Creator

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      3D Sheetmetal Creator

  • 3D SheetMetal Creator streamlines the design of complex sheet metal components, assemblies, and enclosures.
  • Key Features:
    - Sheet metal-specific feature set and context toolbars such as walls, flanges and corner reliefs.
    - Create complex 3D sheet metal models for press brake manufacturing, and automatically generate 2D patterns that update instantly with the folded geometry.
    - Utilize existing mechanical or electrical assemblies as reference geometry to model enclosures and easily insert commercial, off-the-shelf items into sheet metal assemblies.
    - Intuitive single-modeling environment to convert features to components, and components to assemblies, making enclosure assembly design more flexible and efficient.
    - Rapidly create and iterate designs in a matter of clicks, avoiding the assembly structure constraints and upfront planning required by traditional CAD applications.
  • Typically used by:
    Designers who want easy, focused, on-cloud sheet metal design
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - 3D Structure Creator

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      3D Structure Creator

  • 3D Structure Creator provides a dedicated tool set for designing manufacturable structures.
  • Key Features:
    - Create structure members based on model edges, 2D sketch elements, or curves
    - Choose profiles from a library of standard types and sizes
    - Automatically trim members at endpoints and corners
    - Automatically add gussets, end caps, and plates
    - Automatically generate a cutlist based on the design to use for fabrication
    - Add detail to structure designs by adding cutouts to structure members
    - Increase productivity with streamlined structure design workflows and a dedicated design environment
  • Typically used by:
    Designers who want easy, focused, on-cloud structural frame design
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - 3D Pattern Shape Creator

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      3D Pattern Shape Creator

  • 3D Pattern Shape Creator is a parametric, logic-based design automation tool for creating complex and bio-inspired shapes.
  • Key Features:
    - Quickly generate simple to complex and non-regular shapes and patterns
    - Extend the styling capabilities to create 3D innovative patterns and bio-inspired shapes
    - Amplify the design process, increase creative flexibility, and explore more alternatives
    - Interactive & 3D centric: make more informed design-decisions and shape research
    - Capture and reuse the knowledge and design best practices
    - Bring automation technology to a wider audience to reduce repetitive activities
    - Guarantee the best geometry quality and accuracy for the downstream detailed activities
  • Typically used by:
    Designers who need to quickly create very complex 3D pattern geometry
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - Lattice Designer

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      Lattice Designer

  • Lattice Designer is an easy-to-use and powerful modeler of lattice structures for high-performance industrial part design and additive manufacturing.
  • Key Features:
    - Start with direct modeling of regions and end with lattice detailing, all within the guided design assistant
    - Extensive and deeply customizable lattice motifs, patterning, and parameters
    - Directly integrate with 3DEXPERIENCE STRUCTURAL tools for design validation
    - Directly integrate with other 3DEXPERIENCE Platform-connected design tools like SOLIDWORKS
    - Export to popular 3D printer formats such as  STL, AMF, and 3MF
  • Typically used by:
    Designers who need to quickly develop and evaluate lightweight parts for additive manufacturing.
  • 3DEXPERIENCE Cloud CAD - Manufacturing Definition Creator

    Part of the 3DEXPERIENCE CLOUD CAD portfolio

      Manufacturing Definition Creator

  • Manufacturing Definition Creator lets users define products in a more integrated and flexible way, but with the ease and familiarity of 2D drawings.
  • Key Features:
    - Define design requirements with annotations directly & intuitively on 3D models
    - Organize and communicate definition with various orthogonal, axonometric, and custom views
    - Eliminate rework & boost productivity, by utilizing 3D annotations to create 2D drawings
    - Eliminate costly errors and keep your definition in sync by seamlessly sharing annotations, dimensions, and tolerances between 2D & 3D
    - Make changes with confidence
    - Innotations, dimensions, and tolerances update automatically with model changes for both 3D & 2D definition
  • Typically used by:
    Cloud-based designers who need to communicate their designs to manufacturing.


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