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3D Printing Nov 17, 2023

In the world of 3D printing, efficiency, control, and productivity are paramount. Stratasys, a renowned name in the industry, understands these needs and has introduced a new application in their GrabCAD AM Platform ecosystem: GrabCAD Control


3D Printing Oct 30, 2023

In the latest release of GrabCAD Print, users with an Origin One 3D printer can now add support structures to their parts within the software. This is a major improvement from the previous workflow, which required numerous programs to properly add support structures and prepare print jobs. Additional functionalities have been included to the software, leading to more efficient processing of print jobs. In this article, we will cover the new workflow for preparing print jobs and supporting parts in GrabCAD Print for the Origin One. 

3D Printing Tutorials Oct 10, 2023

In the world of 3D printing, customization and personalization are key. Whether you're a professional engineer, an artist, or a hobbyist, there's often a desire to add that extra touch to your 3D printed creations. GrabCAD Print Pro understands this need and offers a powerful feature to meet it – the Labels tool. In this article, we'll explore how you can use the labels feature to add custom text to the surface of FDM 3D printed parts, turning your designs into unique, standout creations.


3D Printing PolyJet Sep 28, 2023

Medical image segmentation is the initial workflow process that includes isolating DICOM medical images, such as CT scans or MRI scans, into distinct structures or regions of interest (ROI). The goal for segmenting this type of data is to identify and explore areas of the anatomy, whether it’s tissue, cardiovascular, or bone. For example, virtually positioning CAD implants or creating water-tight mesh files for 3D printing patient-specific anatomical models.


3D Printing FDM Sep 22, 2023

FDM 3D printed parts have a range of applications, from functional prototypes to end-use parts, but they can also be quite valuable on a shop floor, serving as fixtures and assembly aids. When rolling out new product lines or getting new staff up to speed, they can help bridge a knowledge gap to save time and money.


3D Printing SLA Sep 12, 2023

Stereolithography is a 3D printing method that utilizes a laser to cure a photosensitive resin. Engineers, designers, and manufacturers use it to craft detailed prototypes, intricate models, and functional parts with high accuracy and smooth surface finishes. The Neo series from Stratasys represents a game-changing advancement in stereolithography technology that redefines the user experience.


3D Printing FDM Sep 05, 2023

Though not often required, the visual properties of an FDM part can be improved using chemical vapor smoothing. This process can be simple, using just a brush and acetone (or other solvent) to paint the part, or more complex, using an enclosed volume with circulating air and acetone vapor passing over the part. Both methods attempt to smooth the layer lines from an FDM print by melting the print material with a chemical solvent. Melting the external layer smooths the “peaks” and “valleys” in a printed part.

3D Printing Aug 21, 2023

The new API STD 20T is a new set of standards set forth by the American Petroleum Institute that specifies requirements for the qualification of additively manufactured polymer-based components for use in the petroleum and natural gas industries.

3D Printing Metal Jul 07, 2023

Additive Manufacturing (AM), commonly known as 3D printing, has revolutionized traditional manufacturing processes, sparking interest across various industries. A new approach called "AM-enabled conventional manufacturing" combines the benefits of AM with traditional methods. 


GoEngineer Community
Join the conversation! Over 8,000 engineers are already on the GoEngineer Community.