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About Paul Nishihira

Paul is an Application Engineer for GoEngineer. He has 20 years' experience in mechanical drafting and design. 16 of those years were spent in CNC programming and CNC Machining. Paul also has 6 years in aircraft maintenance, an Active Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) license, and Active FCC license. Paul is an Avid motorcycle rider (street and dirt).

3D Print Technology and Motorcycle Tooling

by Paul Nishihira

3D Print Technology for motorcycle tooling is the “go-to” additive manufacturing process to return my Ducati to road-worthy condition. Read more about how I am the envy of “backyard” Ducati enthusiasts!

Tinkering with 3D Print Technology

by Paul Nishihira

Tinkering – The Definition Thereof:

I have been accused by family, friends and most recently, my wife, for forever “tinkering” with my street and off-road motorcycles during my leisure time.  Whether it be creating or redesigning parts in

Dreams and Opportunities

by Paul Nishihira

The TITAN-American Built reality TV show continues to inspire and shape the manufacturing industry by bringing production back to the USA and by giving back to the community along the way. In Episode 2, Team Titan and GoEngineer were presented with a great opportunity to change the path of young adults at the Maxine Singer Youth Facility.