I’ll bet you didn’t see this coming: SolidWorks Composer as a holographic tool. by Cali McMillian

For those of you who attended SolidWorks World last year, in the partner pavilion there was a lot of cool technology floating around. One in particular, allows SolidWorks Composer content to “fly around”. I’m speaking of the zSpace platform. This technology allows digital content from various sources, Composer being one of them, to be accessed in a 3D holographic fashion. For those of us who are immersed in our 3D content, this is… what’s the technical phrase? WAY COOL!!

Imagine being able to deliver training content or design review presentations with an ACTUAL 3D interaction. The ability to deliver a sales presentation to your clients would have an unparalleled impact. Imagine the crowd that would gather at a trade show to see your innovative new product as displayed through Composer and this type of technology! Check it out.SolidWorkszspace

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