Workgroup PDM: End of Life Announcement

by Jeff Gherardi

If you’re not already using SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM: DON’T START NOW!

Concerned how this change will affect you? GoEngineer can help.







Customers who are currently using WPDM are encouraged to contact GoEngineer to discuss your data management requirements and determine what product is best for your needs. Below is a timeline regarding the current and future availability of WPDM.

Current Workgroup PDM Users:

  • SOLIDWORKS Workgroup PDM will be included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium thru the SOLIDWORKS 2017 release. SOLIDWORKS 2017 (and thus, Workgroup PDM) will continue to be supported until Dec 31, 2018, when the support cycle will officially end.
  • This should give our customers plenty of time to plan your transition to one of the other SOLIDWORKS PDM solutions.
  • SOLIDWORKS 2018 will no longer ship with Workgroup PDM, and that program will no longer be available for installation.

Next Up – SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard

So what’s next? With the SOLIDWORKS 2016 release, we got a new entry-level PDM solution called SOLIDWORKS PDM Standard.

3 helpful things to know:

  1. It ships with SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium like Workgroup does today.
  2. PDM Standard is based on the same underlying architecture as SOLIDWORKS Enterprise PDM (renamed PDM Professional) which provides a much simpler upgrade path to PDM Professional as your company outgrows the functions of PDM Standard.
  3. For those current Workgroup PDM users, there is a migration path to either PDM Standard or PDM Professional.

Let’s start talking about what you need from your PDM system going forward, so we can help you make the right choice about which system to adopt going forward.

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