GoEngineer’s Technical Support FAQ Series. First Up: SOLIDWORKS Licensing

by Jacob Bakovsky

You arrive at the office and you’re ready to start the morning.  Not too long into your design process, you run into an issue and can’t afford the time it will take to figure it out. So, what do you do? Call technical support of course!

Day in and day out, the GoEngineer Technical Support Team receives a variety of questions addressing SOLIDWORKS and Stratasys. In an effort to help save you valuable time, we introduce to you a Technical Support FAQ Series dedicated to answering the questions we receive most frequently.  We hope you find this series helpful. Let’s get started with SOLIDWORKS Licensing.

Top 3 SOLIDWORKS Licensing Questions

1. How can you tell difference between Network and Standalone license?

a.  Look for the third digit. If the third digit is a 1 then it is a network license, if the third digit is a 0 then it is standalone. Typically, the first four numbers of a standalone will be 0000 or 9000

b.  If you are unsure of your licensing there are several ways to check:

          i. If you have SOLIDWORKS installed:

  • Click Help –> About SOLIDWORKS –> Show Serial Number


Figure 1: Show Serial Number

c. You do not have SOLIDWORKS installed right now but it was previously installed. You find your serial number buried in the registry. Note: always create a restore point before going into registry:

          i. HKLM –> SOFTWARE –> SOLIDWORKS –> Licenses 

Figure 2: Regedit Licenses

     d. If all else fails, call GoEngineer!

2. How does the licensing work?

a. Standalone: Get two seats per license so you can install on two computers per license. Two Activations total; one per seat.

b. Network: Seats of SOLIDWORKS are hosted on a server. One activation total on the server. 

3. Does my SNL support previous versions of SOLIDWORKS as well as my current version?

Absolutely! All clients are entitled to all years leading up to the version currently on subscription. More in-depth information about licensing including Home Use Licensing can be found here.

Stay tuned for the next installment from the GoEngineer Technical Support team.

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