SOLIDWORKS Drawings – Automatically Create a Border

by Krystine Thoroughman

How to use the Automatic Border Feature

The Automatic Border Feature quickly allows you to create a border in your sheet format. You can control every aspect of the border, including grid size and layout. When using the tool border, zones automatically update. You can also add Margin Mask areas, where labels and dividers are not shown.

Let’s Get Started

To Start the Automatic Border Feature, go to – Open a drawing, then click the Sheet Format Tab. Select Edit Sheet and then Automatic Border.


The first option you will see is the Delete list, you can select items that are already on your Sheet Format to be deleted. Select the arrow. You will want to delete any existing border, this prevents overlapping with the newly created border.


Setting the Zone and More

The next step allows you to set the zone size, formatting, borders, and margins. You have two options for the zone formatting the “50mm from center” option creates zones every 50mm from the center or the “evenly sized” option creates rows and columns that are based on the paper size.


The Margin options include left and right justifications, line size and adding a double border.


If you want an odd number of rows and columns, the Center Zone Divider may overlap the center label.  If this is the case, you can specify the Outer Zone Divider Length to be zero.



Margin Masks

The last step allows you to add margin masks.  Margin masks allow you to hide zone divider and labels in the margin. To create a margin mask, select plus button and position the rectangular mask over the area you want to hide. You can add multiple masks to the page.


You have now created a parametrically linked border! Don’t forget to save it as a Sheet Format. To do so, save the sheet format, select File – Save As Sheet Format.


And that’s a wrap on using the automatic border feature in SOLIDWORKS Drawings!

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