Inspect What is Expected

by Tandy Banks

Inspect What You Expect

Over the years I have been fortunate to work with great craftspeople that taught me some of the finer aspects of quality manufacturing.  One of the most valued pieces of wisdom came in the form of a saying, “Inspect what you expect!”  The intent is to carefully examine the aspects of work and design that have the greatest impact on product use and safety.  We should also increase the frequency of checking those areas that have the greatest concern.

Technology Advancement

As technology in design and production has advanced so have the enormous amounts of data.  Today’s shops are being stretched to read, understand and execute quickly on designs driven by multiple inputs.  And then they need to satisfy increasing data deliverables to keep everyone in the chain informed.  Well, at least covered.  I foresee in the very near future that liability for products will be pushed more to the component/vendor level and traceability at all levels will be paramount.


QualityXpert is a connected shopfloor system that captures quality and traceability information quickly and easily.  Machine operators and inspectors input values whenever and wherever they are in the process.  Charts and analysis are real-time so decisions can be made accurately based on your data.  QualityXpert has also integrated Gauge Management including Repeatability & Reproducibility (Gauge R & R) .  Keep ahead of issues with compliance alerts and capability reports. This will help assure your customers that you have them covered. What to learn more?

Join us for an introductory look at QualityXpert during a webinar this Thursday, SEP 28th @ 2PM CST/Noon PST.

You can register here.

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About Tandy Banks

Tandy is an Elite Applications Engineer in Oklahoma. He has been using SolidWorks since version 97+. His mechanical design background includes: high-pressure pumps, fluid systems, heavy fabrication, high-precision machining, various oilfield equipment and electronics packaging. He is very experienced in manufacturing processes and collaboration between technology and manufacturing systems. He was awarded SolidWorks' Elite status in 2009.

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