by Amee Meghani


We do!  It’s not socially acceptable to do so, but were we ever really socially acceptable anyway?

Drafters, Designers, and Engineers ARE SUPPOSED TO WRITE IN ALL CAPS ON ENGINEERING DRAWINGS according to ANSI standards.  When I took my first job as an Engineer, my drawings were usually not approved (i.e. rejected) because I forgot to write in all caps.  Imagine following all the rules in grade school or grammar school.  Imagine following the MLA handbook to a ‘T’ in every English class, and then getting to your first engineering job and they basically say ‘um, ignore all of that’.

News alert:  ANSI and MLA are not friends.

A little history

This ALL CAPS requirement dates back to before computer-aided design.  Engineers would design using compasses and intricate protractors and draw on layers of vellum.  These were original drafting skills that took a long time to develop, but more impressive was the consistent and beautiful hand lettering you would see on these hand drawings.

Fast Forward

Fast forward to CAD era, fortunately, we can now have pitiful handwriting yet still deliver an ANSI approved drawing with all of our annotations and title block information in ALL CAPS with a touch of that one button on our keyboard.

But what if I forget to turn on Caps Lock?

As of SOLIDWORKS 2014, users have the ability to modify all drawing text from lowercase to uppercase with the click of a button.

Now in 2018, SOLIDWORKS has extended this capability so that users have the ability to modify all text in Tables too!

Click Tools > Options > Document Properties > Drafting Standard. Under Uppercase, select All uppercase for tables to apply uppercase characters to all table entries in any table type.

Why is this important or useful?  If a colleague or manager is supplying the table to you via attachment or email and if they created it in lowercase, this gives you the ease of just copying and pasting the table right into your drawing without having to re-type the items in the cells.  Yay!

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