Top 10 Engineering Webinars of 2017 from GoEngineer

by Sandy Ortez

Happy New Year! Last year, we hosted design engineering webinars produced by GoEngineer.  If your goal is to learn more and grow in your design role, check out our top 10 most viewed engineering webinars to get a jump-start on your goals!

1. SOLIDWORKS 101 – Best Practices For Creating Your First Part

Learn best practices on basic fundamentals of sketching and creating your part in SOLIDWORKS.

2.  SOLIDWORKS MBD – Guide To Success

Learn about SOLIDWORKS MBD and how to use the tools available in SOLIDWORKS to produce 3D PDF files.


Learn about the beta release of SOLIDWORKS CAM. SOLIDWORKS CAM and take a  sneak peek at the UI and functionality.

4.  SolidThinking Inspire – Analyze First, Design Second

SolidThinking Inspire is a generative, topology and shape optimization software. Learn how you can bring your Simulation to the front of your design process to create lighter, stronger, more efficient parts.

5.  SOLIDWORKS Composer – Advanced Animation

Learn about some advanced animation techniques that everyone might not know in this SOLIDWORKS Composer Webinar. We looked at using existing views to get the animation started easier, then used filters and effects tools to modify and make the animation better. The Animation Library is also a great place to help with some of the more complicated and frequent animation steps that we need to add.

6.   SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation – Troubleshooting

Learn a few tips and tricks for preparing your Model for Analysis, Meshing and common error messages that need troubleshooting in SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.

7.  SOLIDWORKS Plastics – Co-injection Gas Assist Valve Gating

Learn how to set up to run Overmold, Co-injection two-shot molding, Gas-Assisted molding, and Valve Gating in SOLIDWORKS Plastics

8.  SOLIDWORKS Simulation – The 4 Flavors of FEA

In this webinar, learn how to utilize the integrated Simulation tools in SOLIDWORKS to evaluate the 4 flavors of structural performance of your products. We will walk you through setting up a static, dynamic, nonlinear and thermal analysis for a popular consumer product with SOLIDWORKS Simulation.

9.  Reverse Engineering with Geomagic For SOLIDWORKS

Learn about the Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS Plugin for simpler, faster reverse engineering.

10.  SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D 2018 – Electrical Component Wizard

Learn about the new (2018) Electrical Component Wizard that is part of SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D. We run a connector through the entire wizard and discuss some best practices and tips.

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