SOLIDWORKS World Day 2 Recap

by Amee Meghani

Harness the Power of the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

For the first time ever, SOLIDWORKS World hosts three segmented general sessions. As opposed to the usual cattle herd piling into a large space, the crowd resembled an ant farm (ants with backpacks), large groups moving toward three different destinations.

I must admit feeling a little separation anxiety. I enjoy being together not just with my GoEngineer peeps but also the larger SOLIDWORKS community.

The only thing we can count on these days is change, right? I chose the R&D Futures session.

Manish Kumar Takes the Stage

Manish Kumar, head of the development team, takes the stage for the first time, unveiling video reactions of his R&D team members seizing the “opportunity” to join the stage with him. It seems nobody wanted to share the spotlight.

When the compiled genius behind the software doesn’t want attention, the audience extends mercy.  We, the audience, revere what the development team endures day to day, year to year, adhering to the strict timelines for software service packs and new releases.

Manish shares that we need to be cognizant of the future and participate in creating a map for the future. The themes Kumar wanted to stress are that we are in a world of sharing information in real time. If we want to be successful in a truly connected world, then we must communicate our information as it is actually happening.

Next up, Aaron Kelly

Aaron Kelly takes the stage and introduces the panel of international members leading the products of the 3DExperience Platform: SOLIDWORKS, DELMIAWORKS, SIMULIA, and ENOVIA.

SOLIDWORKS Enhancements

In SOLIDWORKS, they reviewed the enhancements of 2019 and reminded us of the LDR improvements and graphics card utilization.

Next, we looked at the possibilities of 3DDrive, allowing searching, notifications, and commenting for a viable bi-directional collaboration. They demonstrated some of these capabilities from a mobile device, using a 3DExperience app, which even allows AR functionality and video calls.

They also demonstrated xShape making note that the changes are all possible while the native SOLIDWORKS file format is maintained.

The presentations of ENOVIA and SIMULIA followed, and they finished the session with a much deeper dive into what we can expect from DELMIA WORKS—“the bridge between designing it and making it.” Clearly they are placing more emphasis on process rather that individual features or functions in this tool. DELMIA WORKS is completely focused on connecting the dots inside of the big picture.

In a later breakout session, our very own Simulation and 3D printing expert, Arvind Krishnan, did a fantastic presentation on 3D printing design considerations using SOLIDWORKS, Simulation, and Flow and not a soul left the room except me—I had to pee!

It’s Time to Rest

At the end of Day 2, after getting all of my steps in on the conference floor, after completely draining my phone battery, I can finally put my feet up.

Juuuuuuuuuust kidding!!!!

It’s time to drop off your clunky laptop, ignore your emails, and head to Gilley’s.

Everyone is “Lime-ing” on a 20mph scooter or walking to Gilley’s for a night of food, drinks, and armadillo races. What?

We saw lassos, meat, boots, more meat, trash can beer pong, and more meat… But where in the raccoon is Jim?? He’s supposed to buy me drinks!

Thanks to Gilley’s now everyone from SOLIDWORKS World will return to their home state or country and convince their friends and families that even the most outlandish Texas stereotypes are true.

Ok fine, now it’s time to rest.

Back to the hotel, I reflect on photo booth regrets and catch a few z’s—very few. We have a big day tomorrow starting with the first student job fair. I guess I need to be on time!

My advice for Day 2: “Ya’ll be sure to eat your Wheaties to avoid Day 2 exhaustion.”

Giddy up to Day 3!

If you missed our Day 1 recap, you can read it here.

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