SOLIDWORKS Tutorial - Don’t Mess with the Mouse Part 02 Slow Down to Speed Up

In this Video Series of “Don’t Mess With Your Mouse”, we will discuss best practices and better mouse control to become a more efficient and proficient user in our everyday SOLIDWORKS use. As a designer, you know that “TIME IS MONEY” and the faster you complete your project the profitable your organization will be. So you cannot waste time with unnecessary mouse movements. In the second episode we will discuss the vital importance of slowing down the mouse movements to achieve better control and by slowing your mouse down you will become a faster Design Engineer! Why waste time “Zigging and Zagging” your mouse all over the screen, with our “Stay in Pace and Stay Safe” technique you will realize how productive you will become. We will use commands and icons built into the SOLIDWORKS software to expedite typical redundant functions that plague the common user so there is no need to zip your cursor all over the screen. We let the commands come to us, we do not go to the commands to complete your design components. If I can complete my functions faster, I can produce my models quicker, and if I produce models quicker, I can complete my projects in a more profitable manner! Efficiencies, proficiencies, and profitability is what it’s all about. So learn how we can become a better designer by training yourself to slow down.